Deno 1.0 Released

I just saw the announcement about Deno hitting version 1.0 on Hacker News. I’ve never heard of Deno before but my first thoughts are it looks very interesting. It’s essentially a new runtime for executing Javascript with first class support for Typescript.

Reasons why I think Deno is interesting:

  • One of the creators is Ryan Dahl, the creator of Node. Ryan has spoken publicly about how he regrets specific decisions he made when creating Node, and what he would do differently if he were to do it again. It looks like Deno is heavily influenced by his ideas.

  • First class Typescript support. I’ve been wanting to learn Typescript for a while now but never really had the reason to. I did try it out on a new VueJS application I built for my day job but I ended up ripping out the Typescript support because it didn’t play well with Vuex. It caused more headaches than it needed to and I decided to scrap it. Being able to develop on a runtime where everything has first class Typescript support is exciting.

  • Deno is written in Rust, which I’ve played around with and really enjoy. It’s been a while since I’ve done any serious coding in Rust but I’ve wanted to get back into Rust development for some time now too.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this project, and hopefully be able to find the time to play around and build something with it.

Check out the original announcement on the Deno blog

Also, I subscribed to the Deno Weekly newsletter as a hands-free way to stay up to date on the ecosystem.