Junior To Senior

Non-technical advice to navigate your programming career

I’m writing a book called “Junior to Senior” that offers young software engineers insight into what non-technical skills are essential for navigating your programming career.

You’ll learn how to build trust with your manager and your team, how to handle mistakes when they happen, different ways you can add value, reduce risk, and deliver results reliably. This book contains advice you won’t find in textbooks, tutorials, or how-to videos because it’s mostly gained through experience in the industry.

“Junior to Senior” gives you the knowledge and confidence to take charge of your career and putting these ideas into practice will make you a better programmer.

Table of Contents

  1. Grow Your Career draft complete
  2. Embrace the Unknown draft complete
  3. Make Mistakes draft complete
  4. Understand the Business draft complete
  5. How to Ask Questions draft complete
  6. How to Read Code draft complete
  7. How to Add Value in progress
  8. How to Reduce Risk
  9. How to Deliver Results
  10. How to Communicate Effectively
  11. How to Prioritize Work-Life Balance
  12. Become a Senior Engineer

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