Junior To Senior

I’m excited to share that I am currently writing a book titled Junior To Senior: Non-technical Advice to Advance Your Programming Career that will be published by Holloway in Spring 2021.

The goal of the book is to offer career advice and other non-technical guidance for junior software developers in the early years of their career.

Throughout the book you’ll learn how to navigate your career by learning the correct way to read code, ask meaningful questions, build value, minimize risk, communicate effectively, and find a good work-life balance. Most of the advice in this book I had to learn myself throughout my career, and I’ve noticed junior programmers tend to focus on learning the hard technical skills while ignoring the soft-skills.

Whether you’re a self-taught programmer, graduated from a coding bootcamp, and completed a Computer Science degree, this book will teach you everything you need to know in order to prove you deserve a Senior role.

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